Thursday, March 31, 2016

TWW 2 - Day 8 testing testing

Took my first pregnancy test this morning and it was negative.  However, this means pretty much close to nothing.  I'm glad I can start testing, but the likelihood of a useful result is minuscule.  I also went to my GP for my progesterone blood test.  Like last time, it seems my clinic neglected to request the test, so the GP had no record of it.  Luckily I knew what I was there for, and they were happy to do it.  I also asked if there had been anything from the results of the first post IUI progesterone test, and the nurse saw the note in my file that said it was all normal, no further action.  I sort of assume this will be the same.  None of the tests I've been having have flagged up any worrying numbers on anything.  I seem to be healthy and in normal ranges for my age, etc.

Still feeling a bit melancholy about this whole trying business.  It's probably a good thing to get a short break between this cycle and starting IVF (if that is indeed the case).  One month where I don't have to think about it too much.  And where I could have a cheeky drink!

It would be so amazing/exciting/thrilling/terrifying/fantastic/unbelievable if I was pregnant.  I'm just finding that I'm convincing myself that this isn't possible.  I know it's totally possible.  I am not so old.  My numbers are not so bad.  Lots of people just get pregnant naturally and here I am having medical help!  This is completely doable and in that sense, the odds are in my favor.

But it's a crummy process that really just takes a lot out of you.  Worse I think if you are doing it all on your own.  I do have friends I can talk to, but I don't talk to them all the time, and it's not what I want to be talking to them about all the time either.  This is pretty much a solo effort and so it also falls to me to do most of the damage control.

I'll be glad when I know about this cycle for certain.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

TWW 2 - Day 7 mulling

Tomorrow morning I can take my first pregnancy test (day 8).  I have no physical indications that I am or may be pregnant.  I know that it's early and many or even most women don't.  I think I am feeling that this cycle can't possibly have worked.  Reading around online, considering my age, I wonder if I've just left it all too late.  Not in the sense that I could have really done anything differently.  I'm just discouraged by the statistics of a woman my age getting pregnant, and carrying to term.  It is also not helpful, as I think I've mentioned before that I'm on an online forum of those trying to conceive to become single mothers.  I see these women posting on their 8th IUI or 4th IVF.  I mean, on the other hand, there are women reporting pregnancies after their first or second IUI or their first IVF.  But then they move on to one of the other boards (about pregnancy for example) leaving the bulk of the commentators women who have so far been unsuccessful. The thing is, on that particular forum, the majority are trying and statistically that means most are not getting pregnant.  So while  it's helpful to have camaraderie, it can also be discouraging.  And of course as discussed in the previous post, even though I can take a pregnancy test tomorrow, it's really very early and not a good indicator.  I'm so close to knowing.... I'm only just speculating.  I don't know why the final bit of waiting this time seems to be the hardest!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

TWW 2 - Day 5

Waiting waiting waiting waiting.  It's so annoying.  I'm still thinking about it a lot, but maybe not quite as much as the first time.  I think maybe that's because I feel like it won't work.  This is of course tempered by my wondering if any small feeling in my uterus area might be a sign that something is working.  But overall, I think I've mostly convinced myself that I won't get pregnant this time.  Which will of course make it all the more shocking if it turns out I am.  Only three more days before I can start early testing.  Although of course on day 8 there is a 67% chance of a false negative, so it's not at all a good sign.  But it's the first day that I feel I can start testing on.  Then one a day until the day I'm supposed to.  By day 10 for example, the chance of a false negative drops to 33%.  I just find it helpful to feel like I can be doing something. 

I also need to remember to go to the GP on Thursday for a progesterone test.  I'm not entirely sure why I need to get this test for an IUI.  I'm not even sure anyone looked at it the first cycle.  At least at my GP they mostly manage to get my blood out on the first try.  I think I may have sorted out part of the reason for the problem at the clinic though.  I usually cycle to the clinic and when I cycle for more than 15 minutes, I tend to lose circulation in my hands (my fingers go numb).  So I wonder if this isn't related to why they have trouble getting blood out there.  Not that there's much I can do about it!

Anyway.  I don't have much to say here at the moment.  Just getting on with normal life things trying not to think about if I might be pregnant while I wait for the day I can start testing.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

TWW 2 - Day 1

So I managed to trigger with the Pregnyl when I got home on Tuesday, around 6:15pm or so.  The Pregnyl is really fussy and annoying.  This time I managed to break open the glass vials without crushing them which was good.  But then I think a tiny splash of water came out when I snapped off the top of the water bottle.  Then, when I was priming the needle a tiny bubble of fluid came out and fell on the floor.  So I was feeling stressed when I finally managed to inject, only to do it in a funny way that's left a dark point bruise on my belly.

Having done some more reading around the internet, it seems that having two follicles (or three, or even sometimes four) is not at all unusual for an IUI so I think my odds are still 6% (or 11% if you consider both cycles).  I was a little disappointed by that, but I'm still happy that I had two good sized follicles for this cycle because that's got to be better than one!

On Wednesday my morning meetings went late so I only had 20 minutes for lunch and to turn myself around before the taxi came to take me to the clinic.  It's a small indulgence I have to take a taxi to the clinic but the alternative would be to cycle and I don't really want to cycle around the procedure.  In the grand scheme of things, the £14 return is really not an issue.

My procedure was a little bit late because the doctor had to come from the main hospital to the clinic.  Once she arrived it was all very quick and straightforward like the first time.  I was the only patient there.  I changed in the recovery area in my own little cubicle, then when the doctor arrived and all was ready, I walked with the nurse to the procedure room.  It was a little bit different from last time because there was no trainee doctor.  So the regular doctor did the procedure and this meant there wasn't any ultrasound.  I asked her about this afterwards, she said that because embryo transfer is similar to IUI, they would have used the ultrasound to watch the placement of the tube during the IUI for training, but it wasn't necessary.  It also wasn't necessary to scan my ovary to see if the follicles had released she said.  Basically, with IUI, it's a less precise procedure.  There's really nothing they can do other than the insemination at that point.  The ultrasound won't tell you anything and would potentially only be stressful if you didn't see that the follicles had disappeared or released.  So fair enough.

The way the IUI works at my clinic is the doctor gets you all prepped with the tube through the cervix, then the nurse knocks on the window to the embryologist's lab and he hands over the sperm through the window after confirming who you are.  I also have an ID card that I insert into a scanner that I think registers in the embryology lab as well.  At any rate, I had a chat with the embryologist as well with my legs all up in the stirrups.  I asked about the sperm motility since I didn't the first time.  I think he said it was 36 or 37 which was well over the 25 guaranteed by the clinic, so that was good.

The sperm got connected, inserted, the tube was removed and all was done!  They said I could lie there for a bit if I wanted or get up.  I decided to lie there for a bit but asked the doctor some more questions while I did so it ended up being useful.  While obviously I really want this cycle to work, I'm realistic that it may not so I asked the doctor about moving on to IVF.  She explained that I'd need to come in for additional consultation and that there's a lot more HFEA paperwork that needs to be filled out for IVF.  So I wouldn't be able to start an IVF cycle next month, it would have to be the month after.  But that's okay.  April is actually a very busy month for me so it would potentially be difficult to schedule scans around my work commitments.  Again, I obviously hope it doesn't come to that, but I guess I'm more of a realist than an optimist.

So now the two week wait begins again.  I've scheduled my progesterone blood test with my GP for next Thursday.  The clinic also gave me two pregnancy tests and the date to take them on.  I'll probably do the same thing as last time and start with my Ebay ones until the day I'm supposed to take them according to the clinic.  But maybe I'll use the extra one they gave me for the day before.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

IUI 2 - Day 12 trigger and GRUMP

The clinic called today at 2pm to tell me that my IUI is scheduled for 2:15pm tomorrow. Of course this conflicts with meetings and would have been much better to have this information earlier, but what can I do? Of course I have to jump when fingers are snapped. Grump.

In addition, the nurse on the phone says to me, 'Take the trigger any time from now'. Wait. What?? What the fuck?! If I'd known they wanted me to do that, I could have brought the Pregnyl with me to work. But they didn't say that. Now I don't have it with me, I feel like I'm 'late'. And also, this is a completely different protocol/timing to the first IUI. The first time, my procedure was at the same time (2pmish) and they told me to trigger between 6-7pm. So what's up with the 'any time from now' bullshit??? I'm trying to think calm and happy thoughts, and console myself with the knowledge that for IUI the timing matters a whole lot less than IVF but I'm frustrated.

I really like my clinic in terms of the people there and my interactions with them. But I do not like getting mixed messages or added stress or just not simply being able to schedule more than 24 hours in advance. This process is stressful. And you really just do not need any extra stress on top of it.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. I have hopefully two lovely follicles and possibly a third. Everything looks good, and my appointment is scheduled..... happy thoughts happy thoughts.

Monday, March 21, 2016

IUI 2 - Day 11 scan 3 and procedure scheduled

This morning I had my third scan. It looks like I have two follicles growing and a third a bit behind. So apparently I'm responding well to treatment this month. The largest of the two main follicles was 16mm (the other was 15mm and the third was 11mm) and they usually want it at 18mm to trigger. So I'm going to trigger tomorrow with my procedure sometime on Wednesday. I say 'sometime' because the clinic has been unable to give me a precise time for it which is only a little bit problematic with work scheduling, etc. Tomorrow would have actually been much easier in some ways. Anyway, we'll see. I'm a tiny bit frustrated with my clinic because they seem to be overstretched sometimes. I think this is probably because it is also the NHS clinic for the Cambridge area. In fact, it's pretty much the only fertility clinic in the city. This isn't terrible because on a whole, I think it's an excellent clinic with good results and friendly staff. However, there's clearly some sort of issue with having enough staff or the scheduling that it ends up being stressful. Of course this process is stressful enough without wondering when your next appointment is going to be, or if they're going to forget that you are supposed to have an appointment! I'm sure this wouldn't happened, and so far hasn't happened, but like I said it adds a level of extra stress during what is already a stressful time. On the plus side, the clinic is relatively easy to get to. Cambridge is a pretty small place. The clinic is what- about 1.5-2 miles from here? And it's literally straight down the same road I work on, so pretty convenient by bicycle or by taxi. I haven't even looked at buses yet because I generally hate dealing with the buses in Cambridge, but I bet there's one that goes that way as well. Anyway. One more Gonal F tonight and then Pregnyl some time tomorrow. Interestingly when I was talking to the nurse who did my scan this morning, she was saying that for IUI the timing is less important than for IVF which makes sense. So I feel less stressed about the timing issue given that it's IUI. On the other hand, if this cycle doesn't work and I move on to IVF, this scheduling malarkey really can't continue like this or I'll be extra stressed!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

IUI2 - Day 10 moody

I seem to have come down with a malaise. I'm feeling quite moody and this has me questioning my decisions. Well, not really questioning my decisions in a virulent way. But more questioning everything. Is this the right path? Will I be a good mom? Am I crazy for trying this? The unknown is a scary place. This is why people often stick with the devil they know. I'm no different. I've certainly spent large portions of my life on 'the comfortable path'. But I've also jumped into the complete unknown on more than one occasion. Usually guided by clarity of purpose. Because that tends to override any lingering doubts or fears. I guess in some ways that's how this is for me. I feel very certain that pursuing single motherhood is the right decision. But perhaps because it's a timely process with no guarantees, it leaves me a bit more time than usual to think about it. In the past the major life decision upheavals I've made have been on a much shorter timescale (although no less disruptive). Moving to another city? Moving to another country? Deciding which graduate schools to go to? Undertaking a PhD? I know that I will adapt to whatever my new situation is. But I guess sometimes, when I'm feeling discouraged and scared, it all seems a bit overwhelming. How will I cope? What if I hate being a mother? Part of it is also the fear of doing it all alone. Who will I turn to? Who can I rely on? I know that I will have help from various sources- both family and friends. But ultimately it's just going to be me. I'm scared I'm not ready. I'm scared it will happen. I'm scared it won't happen. I have no idea if this is related to the low dose of hormones (Gonal F) I've been injecting now for 2 months. It's certainly not PMS- it's the wrong time. I think part of this is also about the boyfriend. He was over yesterday/last night. And that was all fine. But we don't really talk about the baby plan because it causes upset. He did watch me inject. He just doesn't ask any questions and I stick to keeping him informed of the basics. I don't feel like I can talk about my emotions with him without him thinking about how it affects him. If I say I'm scared of doing it alone, he could turn around and say that I am rejecting him as a person to do it with. To be fair, I'm not at all sure he would say that at all, but it's probably what keeps me from talking to him about it. It highlights that I'm doing it separate from him which I know is a point of upset for him. So I just don't. I think also living here in Cambridge.... it's not where my good friends are. The problem is, my closest friends aren't in any one place anymore. There's a couple in London, a couple in Manchester, one is in South Africa, one is moving to Australia at the end of this month, one is in Sheffield, one is in Norfolk, some are in New York. My village is global. Which is great for other reasons. But right now, living here, in a city which isn't my first choice, it feels lonely. I don't have a large base of friends here. The friends I do have are not so close that I want to have an emotional dump with them. Meh. I'm just feeling blah at the moment. I'm sure it will pass. In the meantime, scan tomorrow morning and this will hopefully determine when the trigger is. This IUI cycle seems to have gone incredibly fast. Shame that the two week wait won't, I'm sure!

Friday, March 18, 2016

IUI 2 - Day 8 Scan 2

Had my second scan this morning. It looks like there are two follicles growing- one was 12mm and the other was 11. There were a bunch more that were much smaller. I don't think I mentioned that when I had my scan on Monday there were about 12 follicles as opposed to the first IUI cycle when there were about 6 or 7. So I'm intrigued that I might have two growing for this IUI cycle. I really do not want multiples, but given the high chances of chromosomal abnormalities in eggs of women my age, having 2 eggs would be pretty cool. I go back for a third scan on Monday and I suspect that I will trigger either Monday or Tuesday nights with the IUI on Tuesday or Wednesday. Until then, it's 75 of Gonal-F every night. The nurse who did my scan was very positive. I don't think they're just blowing smoke up my ass, I mean, what would be the point? But she said that my numbers looked great and the ovary looked great and was overall, very positive. We talked a bit about my fertility and she was enthusiastic that I was following a good protocol given where all of my numbers were at. So that made me feel good. I tell you what, it's funny how much quicker the stimulating goes than the two week wait!! In other news, it took them 4 tries to get blood out of me which was a little bit annoying. For some reason the nurses at the clinic are struggling with my veins. My GP doesn't have as much trouble and usually gets it on the first try but at the clinic it's always at least 2 tries and sometimes more. Today they ended up taking it out of the back of my hand (tried there twice!). The nurse who did the scan said that if my scan on Monday looked good and my blood today looked good, then they wouldn't need to take blood again on Monday because all of my results so far have been completely normal and fine and so there's no reason to think it wouldn't be on Monday. They can just make a determination based on the scan. So that's good. Yesterday I had a chance to hold my friend's 8-week old baby. We were in a coffee shop and there was another couple with a 5-week old baby! They're so little!! Although the 8-week old was noticeably bigger than the 5-week old. They do grow fast. It's hard to imagine that I might end up with one of those - even though it's the goal. It's impossible to think that far ahead in the process. Right now all I can think about are follicles and scans. Then it will be the IUI procedure and then the long two week wait with the hope of seeing some faint line appear on a stick. Actual babies just seem so far removed from the now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

IUI 2 - Day 6 Budget update

Just a quick one to update the budget since I've paid for this IUI cycle.  Apparently my clinic says the price is the same if you get one Pregnyl or two which made no sense to me.  But, whatever.  I guess I should have asked for 2 then since I paid the same!  But never mind.  Last night I was out to a concert so I had to do my injection in the restaurant toilet.  Good thing my clinic gave me a handy little carry bag with a sharps-tube for used needles to later dispose in the correct bin.  It came in handy!

Previous total £5472
IUI Inclusive Fee£638
900 Gonal-F + 1 Pregnyl £380
New total £6490

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

IUI 2 - Day 5

Got the call from the clinic late yesterday that my blood results were good so I was all set to start injecting for cycle 2.  Yesterday and tonight I do 150 Gonal F and then it drops to 75.  My next scan is Friday.  Like last time, I suspect the trigger will be Monday.  In fact, I think I'm on the same basic schedule?

The one thing that's driving me nuts is that I'm still sick.  The flu I had a couple of weeks ago has settled into some sort of head/sinus infection.  My ears are blocked, I'm blowing out fluorescent snot and I'm coughing a lot.  This is all bad timing and I don't know how this low-grade illness effects my fertility chances.  I'm sure it's not helping.

I have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow afternoon which conflicts with something in my diary which is frustrating.  I need to see if I can get that changed and then work from home the rest of the afternoon.  It should be okay.  Just a stressful period which is not helped by this never ending illness.

On the other hand, I'm sure I'm not doing myself any favors by doing all the things I would otherwise want to do which has involved travelling around the country a bit, going to a workshop last night, and going to a concert tonight.


Sunday, March 13, 2016

One Cycle Ends, Another Begins

So I took the clinic pregnancy test on Friday and it was negative.  Additionally, my period basically started on the Thursday night, so cycle one was unsuccessful.  On the plus side, with my period not starting until Friday really, this was perfect timing to start the new cycle. 

I called my clinic on Friday morning because they ask you to report the result of the pregnancy test, plus, I wanted to immediately get going on IUI 2.  This would require me to order the drugs so they are ready for me on Monday.  Unfortunately, no one answered the phone at my clinic and I was forced to leave a message detailing the result of the pregnancy test, and my intentions to start cycle 2.  By 3pm, no one had called me back and I was about to go into a 2-hour meeting which meant I couldn't get in touch with them until Monday.  So with 5 minutes to my meeting I managed to get through and schedule a scan for Monday morning.  However, there wasn't enough time to get the drug order sorted.  The nurse indicated I would be able to buy the Gonal-F at the clinic on Monday.  I really hope this is the case and it's not somehow more expensive for the inconvenience.  Because it's not my fault they were too busy to get to their phone messages.

In the meantime, I've recently read It Starts with the Egg which was recommended on some of the forums I'm now frequenting.  It was an interesting read and has made me think about making a few changes to my current routine.  I was already taking conception vitamins but I think I'm going to add some CoQ10 to my routine.  I'm also looking at replacing some of the plastic food storage containers I use with glass to help reduce my exposure to BPA.  I figure that these are things I can do relatively easily, and that are not going to hurt me.  Similar to acupuncture.  There is a lot of discussion online about DHEA and in this instance I would not start taking it without my clinic's approval and probably some testing.

So how am I feeling with one failed cycle?  Disappointed of course.  Although I started to address that as my negative pregnancy tests kept coming in so that the final one wasn't such a shock.  Maybe a little bit panicked based on how much money I have and how long I feel I can realistically give this a try.  I found myself thinking I should go straight to the frozen eggs and stop fucking around.  I'm pretty sure this was a direct response to feeling like it's just not going to work with my current 'old' eggs due to this cycle not working.  But those eggs are not going anywhere and my current eggs could work.  I think I need to try one more IUI as planned, and then one fresh IVF and then see how all that goes.  If the clinic suggests going to the frozen at that point, then fine.  But it won't be a knee-jerk reaction to things not going as desired.

It's entirely possible that this is going to be an expensive year that doesn't result in a baby at all.  But it's far too early in the process to be thinking that way.  One failed IUI which only had a 6% success rate is not the thing to be basing the entire journey on.  And hey, based on my very poor understanding of how to add odds, by doing two IUI, each at a 6% success rate, the chance of one of them working is 12%, so that's a bit more hopeful for the second one, huh?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

TWW 1 - Day 15 still negative

With every day and another negative test it seems more and more certain that I am not pregnant this cycle.  According to my clinic, my period should arrive tomorrow.  Although because my cycle is irregular, that would be a bit early for it, but I suppose it's still possible.  They also mentioned that it might be later due to having done the IUI although I'm not sure why that would be the case.   They want me to take their pregnancy test on Friday so I've been saving that one.  The ones I've been taking I got in bulk via Ebay.

I'm ready to go to the next cycle and put this one behind me.  I am of course disappointed it appears to not have worked, but maybe less traumatized than I could have been.  I have been thinking though whether it would be better to do fresh IVF or go straight to my frozen eggs.  The reason to do fresh IVF would be that I'm still producing eggs and to keep the frozen ones as the last resort.  On the other hand, right now all I can think is that I want one baby, so isn't my best chance to use my frozen eggs?

I think I should probably stick to the original plan and this is maybe a way that my disappointment is expressing itself.  Generally in my head I keep thinking that I'm too old to get pregnant with my current eggs.  But this is not a particularly sensible way to think.  One cycle hardly means anything at all.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

TWW 1 - Day 11 and two negatives

It's 11 days past IUI and I've taken my second pregnancy test which was also negative. The first I took yesterday. I got some cheap ones off eBay which means I can take one a day and do the one the clinic gave me on the day they said. I don't think this cycle has worked although this is early testing and still possible to get false negatives. A positive would be meaningful at this stage, a negative less so.

But realistically, this cycle is probably a negative. So the next question is when will my period appear to plan for the next one? I wrote previously about the timing issue for this cycle. I think the best thing would be for my period to come late. That will just be easier.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

TWW 1 - Day 7 and flu is a great distraction

So it's one week today from my IUI and I'm at home for the second day after coming down with some sort of horrid flu/cold on Saturday which has completely taken me out of commission.  Of course my very first problem was that I was not able to turn to my trusted drugs of choice.  In fact I was convinced I could take no drugs at all and I wasn't in a good enough state to do any google research.  Just looking at my phone was difficult.  So I sweated it out with a reasonably high fever for a day and a half.  Then I managed to text/talk to a good friend who has done numerous fertility treatments and is well versed in all things pregnancy.  She said I could take some Tylenol.  So I started taking half dose Tylenol which I think helped a little.  But still, I've been so sick that I'm not at work.

I think I'll go tomorrow, but instead of cycling in I might take a taxi.  Especially if it's still raining like it is today.  Part of the reason is that I have a progesterone test scheduled with my GP to ensure ovulation occurred.  I mean, I took a trigger shot, so there's no real reason to think ovulation didn't occur.  But that's fine. It's a good excuse to go back to work.

I will say that being dreadfully ill was a good way not to obsess about whether I might be pregnant or not.  It was also a good way to lose half a stone in two days from barely eating.  I wouldn't say I'd recommend it in principle.

Of course now that I'm feeling better I'm convinced that I can't possibly be pregnant.  I don't feel anything, or rather, I'm feeling the after effects of having been ill and I don't notice anything that might be a pregnancy feeling.  Two people who knew that I was trying this cycle gently asked if it might be morning sickness.  All I have to say is, that if morning sickness was anything like that, no one would get pregnant ever.  Seriously.  But no.  My landlords are here and they both got sick one after the other and then me.  The virus took us out one at a time but it was clearly that and not anything else.

Then of course I also worry that having gotten sick in this critical time it would ruin any chance of actually getting pregnant or somehow interfere.  Not there there would have been anything I could have done otherwise.  I did manage to drag myself to acupuncture on Saturday, which could have been a mistake.  But I wanted to complete the treatment for this cycle.  My acupuncturist was very positive about my pregnancy chances, but then what is she going to say?  She also said that lots of women get colds and flues when pregnant which I do think I've read a bit about so maybe although it's miserable for me it doesn't have much to do with the pregnancy chances.  At any rate, my feelings on acupuncture are still much the same in that I'm not convinced it really does anything, but I know it doesn't hurt me.  So it's fine to add it to the mix.  I guess the thing is, right now I'm sort of sure I'm not pregnant.  But I do have an entire other week of waiting. 

When I was sick I wasn't really eating so I wasn't taking my per-conception vitamins but I've managed to get back on that today. I'm sure that 3 days missed is not going to be the end of the world.  Especially as I'd been good about taking them somewhat regularly.  When I go back to work there should be a delivery of some pregnancy tests that I ordered online.  The clinic only gave me one which they want me to do on the 11th even though my period is due on the 9th.  From some of my internet reading it suggests you could start testing a bit earlier and I'm not sure I can wait all that long.  So I bought some tests to give me the option.  This will also let me 'save' the one the clinic gave me for the right day without the urge to use it sooner.

I think I've had some new readers stop by from the Donor Conception Network single women's mailer.  If so, welcome and do feel free to start up a dialogue on the comments.  I've really only just started engaging with forums although I've been thinking about this and reading up on it for some time.  I've learned some interesting things from the SMC forums related to donor sperm which perhaps would have been useful before I made my choice, but then again, maybe not.  I might reflect on that in a later post.

Meanwhile, I'm off to make more lemon/ginger/honey tea.