Monday, July 4, 2016

40dpo 8w1d - Pregnancy buddy

I was completely surprised and very excited to hear that one of my oldest friends from high school is also pregnant, and her due date is pretty much the same as mine!  It is her second child, so there are obvious differences, but it's just kind of cool.  Unfortunately she lives in California, so an 8 hour time difference and not much chance of meeting up to commiserate, but we WhatsApp, so anyway, that's kind of cool news.

I continue to be tired more than usual, and occasionally I feel 'off', although not full on nauseous.  It's sort of impossible not to continue to worry that something is going to go horribly wrong.  My first midwife appointment is in a week and a day which I'm sort of looking forward to.  I did email the place that does the NIPT and they haven't emailed me back which is annoying.

I had an uncomfortable experience over the weekend at a wedding.  I went with the boyfriend and we met some new people.  One of whom clocked that I wasn't drinking and asked if I was pregnant.  Not quick enough to cover I indicated I was at which point this person gushed congratulations at the both of us.  What a disaster.  I tried to sideline the conversation and then asked the boyfriend if he was okay and he clearly wasn't.  I managed to get the gushing new person to take me to the toilet as she'd already been where I gave her the breakdown.  It was just really unfortunate how it all happened, and I do empathize with the boyfriend.  However, I also feel that awkwardness is compounded by his own lack of acceptance.  In fairness, he was as taken aback as I was by the onslaught, and neither of us was prepared with what to say.  On the other hand, if he was fine with the situation, he could have quickly said something about 'Oh, it's not mine.'.  At any rate, it was messy and I felt a bit bad, although it was reasonably quickly addressed.  Of course we haven't spoken about it, because he doesn't.  Which is particularly not helpful.

In other news, it's still just very easy to forget that I'm pregnant.  I kind of wonder when that stops!!

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